Clog Removal in Riverside, CA

This is a picture of a clog removal.

Nothing to do with taking wooden shoes off of Dutchmen, clog removal is one of the dark arts of the professional plumber.  You don't want us to go into detail about what clogs drains, but aside from your first guesses about kitchen waste, skin cells, hair, and things we don't name you would be completely amazed by what we find down there.  Fact is that a lot of people either treat toilets as a kind of all purpose garbage disposal, or simply prefer to flush and wave goodbye to something they dropped in there by accident.

Add that to the occasional wildlife intervention and you have a pretty rich source of unwanted mass that accumulates in pipes and suddenly causes partial or total clogs.  Which smell.  And back up.  And that's when you want to call Riverside Plumbing Pros for Clog Removal in Riverside, CA (did we mention we operate 24/7?).


Off the Shelf Products Don't Work 

We've seen the TV ads too. And we see what pouring aggressive caustic chemicals into your own plumbing system can do to your septic tanks and plastic pipes.  Besides the idea everyone has is that these extremely aggressive liquids will work by eating away the blockage.

Which may even work (as long as you don't care about the collateral damage) but in many cases you don't have a 100 per cent clog, you have a slow draining clog which allows your off the shelf liquids to drain past the clog before having time to make any real difference.  And then off they go to your septic tank to work on eroding that instead. Don't buy the bottles. Get a real plumber from Riverside Plumbing.


Compressed Gas Gun 

You know what a plunger is right?  You may even already have tried to unblock the sink or toilet with one already before Googling plumbers.  Well if you ever had the sense that if only the plunger effect was a bit stronger it might do the job better then you could be on the right track.  Plungers create a semi vacuum in which an air bubble is pushed back and forth in the hope it shifts the clog further down the pipe.

Well we use super plungers in the form of compressed gas guns that pump serious air pressure into pipes to do the same thing.  Only we make sure we use the right amount of pressure for the strength of the invisible piping.  Because we're pros and that's what pros do.


Snakes on a Drain 

If air pressure isn't going to shift that sucker then it's time to break out the drain snake. Drain snakes don't work on all clogs but for some kinds of physical blockages, particularly those after the vent, then they are simply the best way of shifting the crud. Just make sure you hire a professional from Riverside Plumbers before you let that snake loose on a drain – don't forget how much trouble Samuel L Jackson had with the things.



All of these are great for clearing clogs and Riverside Plumbing hasn't met a clog yet we couldn't' shift. The difference between the one trick wonders and the professional plumbers however is that we can see beyond the clog and work out why it is happening.

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