Exact Leak Detection & Leak Repair Riverside, CA

This is a picture of a leak repair.

Most of the time we get calls about leak repair it's because the leak is pretty obvious – water is coming out from places it shouldn't.  Other times it hasn't got to that just yet but households are noticing enduring patches of damp in walls.  Some are simply because the water bill seems to have gone up although actual consumption hasn't.

If you've noticed that your bill is rising but your usage isn't changing then it's us you need to call, not the water company, because the chances are your water is going to waste someplace, even if you can't see it. We'll help with the exact leak detection in Riverside, CA.


Why Leaks Matter

It's important to stop leaks for a number of reasons.  The first is that leaking water is charged for just the same as used water, and since leaks carry on 24/7 that can boost your bills considerably.

The second is that leaked water can only really do one of two things; it pools or it flows, neither of which is good news.  Most plumbing is hidden behind walls or under floors so pooling water will lead to damp patches, rot, and mold.

Flowing water, where the water finds another way to exit your building can cause serious structural damage to your home which will probably be invisible until the point it becomes critical and causes something to fail.


Exact Leak Detection Riverside, CA

Plumbing, by its nature is something that is tucked away in a building's structure.  Aside from a few visible points such as faucets, plugs, and traps the bulk of your plumbing is deliberately run behind walls, under floors, and sometimes entombed beneath a concrete slab foundation without even a crawlway to access it.  This means that your house can be leaking without you ever seeing a drop of water. So exact leak detection is really important.

Riverside Plumbing Pros' specialist leak hunters have a range of techniques at their disposal starting with that good old favorite – the educated guess, and then going on to hydrostatic testing, high-tech sonic detection, or the use of a tiny video camera to give us eyes on what's going on in cavities too small to crawl into. Need exact leak detection in Riverside, CA? Just call us!


Wall, Ceiling, Visible Leaks

The commonest leaks are the visible ones where faucets or water traps aren't working properly and water is getting past shower curtains or splash backs and causing damp under sinks or baths.  We can fix those in minutes.  The next is where there is water building up behind dry walls or coming through ceilings.

We usually have a pretty good idea where that will be coming from and can get to it easily enough to fix it and tidy it up so you won't be able to tell by looking that we've ever been in the house.


Foundation Leaks

Pier and beam foundations have crawl ways that let our technicians hunt and fix leaks under the house. Concrete slab foundations don't and have plumbing entombed beneath the concrete so the only way to tell there is a leak is by closely watching your water bill.

Just because we can't get to it doesn't mean we can't fix it though because we can reroute your plumbing to sidestep leaking sections.  Talk to Riverside Plumbing about how no leak is sneaky enough to evade us.  We are also offering installation services to check it to the next page.

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