Hot Water Heater Installation, Repair & Replacement Riverside, CA

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Hot Water Heater Installation, Repair & Replacement in Riverside, CA are what separate the men from the boys in plumbing because of the intricacies of different designs and the potential risks involved from hot water, fire or pressure build-up if hot water systems are installed incorrectly.

Riverside Plumbing Pros are qualified, licensed professionals with experience in installing, repairing and replacing all kinds of water heaters and leak repair in strict compliance with the California plumbing code, itself designed to cover all the possible accidents in the region including earthquake risk.

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Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems come in both instant and storage systems and can cope with a wide range of capacities.  The capacity you need will depend on the size of your household and also the number of hot water devices that may need to operate at the same time to give Riverside Plumbing Pros a call and arrange an interview to best determine your needs and the system that will satisfy them.


Electric Water Heater

Increasingly popular for smaller water systems where electric instant heating can provide hot water on demand for a lower cost, electric systems can also be used for heating and storage just like gas. Talk to Riverside Plumbers about the pros and cons of both approaches for your household.


Solar Water Heater

Solar systems are growing in popularity, particularly in California, because not only do we have the sun available to us year round but the growing efficiency of 'assist' systems to provide back up means that you'll never go without hot water just because it's been cloudy of late.

Solar systems cost more in initial purchase price but factored over the long term their savings on the utility bills make them a good bet saving both your wallet and the planet in the process. Talk to us at Riverside Plumbing to find out if solar powered heating systems are right for you and where we would install them.


Safety Considerations

The California Plumbing Code covers most of the possible safety risks of hot water installations but even if it didn't your safety is our number one concern and that means we are experts in all aspects of securing your system.

There are rules about where hot water systems can be located (give us a call to find out more) and how they must be strapped and anchored to prevent spill in the event of earthquake or simple accident. Check valves, shut off valves, and relief valves are required to control water flow in the case of malfunction and an expansion tank may be required in the piping to cope with expanding hot water and the increasing pressure that goes with it.

We understand all of these mechanisms and are qualified and licensed to install them and that's in addition to the manufacturers' own qualification systems for each type of system to be installed.  When you call Riverside Plumbing Pros you know you're safe in the hands of the professionals.

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